When it comes to technology innovation, we have to admit that during the latest months, the pace was pretty brisk. Standing at the forefront of this evolutionary journey was the mighty AI. We have witnessed a surge in AI technologies that are not just groundbreaking but are reshaping industries. eCommerce was definitely one of them, with artificial intelligence starting to play a huge part in increasing efficiency and personalization. Shopware tapped into this incredible potential and developed AI Copilot which brings brand-new features supported by the incredible power of AI.

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AI Copilot in Shopware uses Artificial Intelligence to provide assistance in various aspects of the platform, from optimizing e-commerce operations to streamlining workflow processes. This tool acts as a virtual assistant, offering intelligent support and insights, thereby enabling users to manage their online stores more effectively and intuitively. Here are the actions that AI Copilot can help with:

Generating content for Shopping Experiences

Already praised for its capabilities to create engaging content easily, Shopware’s CMS – Shopping Experiences is now even more powerful. When pressing the spacebar, users can input a prompt and let AI do the rest. The feature will create different types of text content, check the text for spelling mistakes, and translate it into any language they choose. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will turn out perfect from the start, but AI Copilot can be used to come up with an initial draft, which can be then enhanced until perfection.

AI export assistant

The export assistant is one of the most useful features because it helps users skip time consuming steps like filtering their requests. Simply, with a mere ‘Send me yesterday’s orders’, website admins can easily export specific data from Shopware into a CSV file with one sentence!

At the moment, not all requests are possible, but Shopware are continuously working to improve it. Shopware have made it really clear that they are only using AI to create the database query and don’t pass any data to AI services. 

The feature is tremendously helpful as it allows merchants to filter the required data easily, with a simple text input.

Customer segmentation

Based on customer order history, the AI-powered feature will generate tags for each customer, which then can be used for email marketing. Merchants using Shopware can create highly personalized messages, making this one of the most powerful tools to address customers in a way that is unique and engaging. 

In the past, merchants had to integrate third-party platforms for achieving the same results, but with the new feature, it all becomes intuitive. AI Copilot helps users create their own set of labels and rules. They can also be segmented into clusters for marketing purposes, saving a huge amount of time. More importantly, they will be able to send messages specifically crafted to each client category with ease, adding that personal touch that can turn clients from casual browsers into loyal shoppers.

And it does not stop there. The tags can also be used to produce rules and processes to enable further automation in the Rule Builder and Flow Builder.

Automatically apply keywords to images

It pretty much does what it says on the tin and it does it brilliantly. The feature analyzes uploaded images and assigns relevant keywords to them. The keywords are also saved as metadata which can be later found using the search function in the admin. The feature is extremely useful when dealing with very large databases, as it helps users locate relevant images in the media library using the keywords in the admin.

Beside saving users a huge amount of time, the function makes sure that no step is skipped to create those highly SEO-optimized pages.

Product review summary

The feature is highly useful because it offers merchants an AI-generated overview of all customer feedback for a particular product. This way, they can easily select which ones can be placed on product pages, eliminating the fact that clients have to read each one individually.

Merchants will still find the ‘Reviews section’ in the admin for each product, but going forward, the new feature powered by AI will allow them to create a summary of the product reviews here. Once a summary of the reviews has been created, the merchant can then save it and upload it to the product page.

Personalized Checkout messages

There is no doubt – personalized messages make customers feel valued and appreciated. And in time, this appreciation will work magic for growing your fan base.

With this new feature, Shopware users can send AI-generated messages right after purchase based on clients’ cart. By acknowledging their purchase in a personalized manner, merchants are able to create a connection that can turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. 

Once an order is placed, Shopware’s AI Copilot automatically generates a personalized message for the customer. Website admins can make different settings like message length, style and based on them and on the products that have been ordered, the message will be created. 

Merchants also have the option to run various tests before activating this feature.

AI-generated product properties

Indeed, setting properties for products is crucial if you want to give your customers more filtering choices, but this can be a tedious and lengthy task in daily operations. 

The new feature takes in product descriptions and creates a list of properties for the product automatically. It also recognizes already saved properties, so that users can instantly see which properties are new. This saves merchants a lot of time.

Automatic reviews translations

The role of product reviews is well known. They enhance the online shopping experience by offering real user feedback, aiding potential customers in making informed purchasing decisions. But with eCommerce businesses expanding cross-border, the language barrier could do more damage than help, if the reviews cannot be read and understood.

That’s what Shopware’s AI Copilot does. Using AI, the feature translates international reviews so that customers can get a better picture of the product. All that needs to be done by website admins is to activate the feature in the shop settings and customers can have individual reviews in the storefront automatically translated.

The feature not only increases conversions but at the same time creates real expectations, reducing return rates considerably.

Search by context

One of the biggest breakthroughs when it comes to AI is that it works with keywords, but it also understands the context and meaning behind them. This facilitates more accurate search results and recommendations. 

Shopware has tapped into this knowledge and with the ‘search by context’ feature, shoppers can use everyday language to search for products. The feature represents real added value for merchants and an improved shopping experience for their customers. For example, they can enter “I’m planning a holiday on the beach” and, depending on the sales channel and context, the AI-powered search function will suggest a whole plethora of relevant products. The shopping experience becomes much more fluid and by effectively implementing cross-selling tactics, merchants have the opportunity to significantly increase their revenue.

Final thoughts

Shopware’s AI Copilot is a real game-changer. Indeed, all these features could have been integrated with Shopware before, but only by relying on individual third-party platforms. With the new AI Copilot, Shopware brings them all in a single place – their Admin Dashboard. From generating content and segmenting customers, to applying keywords to images and offering personalized checkout messages, this tool simplifies and optimizes the way merchants interact with their online stores. By automating tedious tasks, providing insightful analytics, and personalizing customer interactions, AI Copilot not only saves time and resources but also elevates the customer experience in a simple and efficient way.

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