Seeing the light of day in 2008, Stack Overflow has become during the years a dynamic hub where developers of all skill levels can ask, answer, and explore programming-related queries. In recent years, in order to improve user experience, the platform has started to employ various algorithmic and AI-driven approaches to match users with relevant questions, filter spam, and automate some moderation tasks. All the efforts culminated when a new, more powerful AI-driven tool called OverflowAI was announced at the Berlin WeAreDevelopers 2023 convention. The platform is scheduled to be launched in alpha stage in August this year.

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Seen by many as a hybrid between a ‘Wikipedia’ and a global ‘coding convention’, this vast, crowdsourced repository of knowledge, where users can find well-documented explanations and solutions, is interactive and dynamic. Here, developers don’t just consume information, but actively engage in discussions, challenge ideas, and collaboratively troubleshoot complex problems. 

In all honesty, we would argue that there are hardly any developers that haven’t used StackOverflow, let alone heard about it. The beauty of the platform is that it is public, and the depth of its content spans across numerous programming languages, technologies, and practices. For these reasons, over 100 million people use it every month. Users are encouraged to contribute through a system of reputation points and badges, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning. 

But the most impressive fact is that Stack Overflow is the incredible work of the whole developer community, who has managed to put together one of the most accurate knowledge bases.

Tapping into AI power

The transformative force of Artificial Intelligence for businesses and society alike, its capacity to process vast amounts of data and the ability to learn and adapt, has opened up numerous possibilities for innovation and efficiency across industries.

Numerous technology companies have begun implementing AI in their products and services, to offer unique user experiences, among other benefits. This is the concrete example of StackOverflow, which announced the development of a new AI-powered platform called OverflowAI, expected to be launched in August.

The team at StackOverflow conducted extensive research and what they discovered, among other things, was that a significant number of individuals already use AI for coding or intend to do so. However, trust appeared to be a critical stumbling block. A high percentage still don’t trust that the answers generated can be safely employed, without breaking anything. What’s the point of spending 5 minutes getting the code, and then the following few hours fixing it? 

This is where OverflowAI steps in to bridge the gap. It introduces a filtration process to validate the answers from credible sources. Thus, the platform operates on three main principles.

Firstly, it offers developers a customized platform that rapidly delivers solutions, freeing up time for innovative tasks. Secondly, it ensures the precision of answers by verifying their origins from trustworthy sources. Lastly, it welcomes developers of all proficiency levels by maintaining an extensive and diverse information repository, covering many technologies.

Same vast knowledge, but searched and filtered with the help of Artificial Intelligence

One of the main improvements brought forward is finding trusted and accurate knowledge easier. The search bar will provide you with instant summarised solutions, followed by citations to sources. Users will also get an example code that they can use, and the option to ask follow up questions, in a chat-like format, if the answer did not solve your issue entirely.

The questions and answers are pulled from Stack Overflow’s extensive repository of knowledge, which includes over 50 million questions and answers from its user community. This is further supplemented with contributions from teammates, should you be part of the ‘For Teams’ package, and even other knowledge sources such as GitHub, Confluence, etc.

Moreover, as it is expected from a sophisticated AI-powered platform, the answers can be tailored to your requirements. This can be based on your coding expertise, response length and many more filters.

Your experience can contribute to other problems being solved in the future, and the platform will even help you draft your question to post to the community and assign it tags automatically.

Minimise disruptions with an integrated plugin in Visual Studio Code

Understanding that maintaining focus is crucial for developers and being disrupted when working can lead to errors, slower progress, and a significant drop in productivity and creativity,  OverflowAI will be available for integration into one of the most used code editors, Visual Studio Code, using a plugin.

The plugin will bring the power of the AI-enhanced search bar right into the developer’s workflow , so they won’t have to switch content to look for answers.

It will pull validated and reliable content, including code examples, from the public platform, or from colleagues, if you benefit from a Stack Overflow for Teams account. 

There will be a feedback button, which is beneficial for training AI. Also, if the answer solves your question, you can ask the AI function to help you draft a question with tags added automatically to be posted on the platform, so others will benefit from it in the future.

Slack integration

Slack is now one of the most popular comms tools among developers, praised exactly for its integration capabilities. OverflowAI will bring generative AI capabilities right into the Slack panel. The Business and Enterprise tier of Stack Overflow for Teams already uses the Slack integration for Teams. When launched in August, the new tool will use GenAI to answer your questions from community validated sources, public and private, as well as external sources.

Enterprise-centric capabilities

Finding information is never easy at company level and the process is even more time consuming when new employees come into the equation. That’s why starting and maintaining a knowledge base is crucial. 

The new concept from StackOverflow for Teams run by AI capabilities, will help companies aggregate external sources of information such as Github, Confluence, Google Drive, and ServiceNow. Locating essential resources will now be done effortlessly, and a big plus is the fact that all these resources will come from trusting, curated sources. The tool will use clusters and tags to filter information, at the same time, maintaining links to where the data came from.

The function accelerates employees’ learning curve, and enhances their efficiency by providing quick access to relevant information.

Enhanced search for teams

Such complex knowledge bases require a powerful search tool to efficiently navigate and retrieve specific data. The new Stack Overflow for Teams will benefit from an AI-enhanced tool designed to simplify and streamline company-level searches. With a simple query, you can receive a wealth of information, including answers to your questions, related citations, and even identify the experts within your company. Moreover, the tool offers a high degree of customization, enabling you to filter results according to your specific needs. Additionally, it boasts the ability to integrate external data sources, allowing you to pull relevant information from platforms like the public StackOverflow, Github, and more.

AI-related community discussions

With AI being such a hot topic right now, Stack Overflow wanted to be the place where people find relevant content focused on the technical aspects of Generative AI and Natural language processors. As of end of July, Stack Overflow launched GenAi StackExchange, a channel where all sorts of information about prompt engineering and design can be found, and a NLP Collective on Stack Overflow, where there are experts in the field of natural language processing and also companies like Amazon, Google, etc. Here, users can ask questions and exchange ideas, being seen as a hub for innovation.


In conclusion, AI will bring some impressive features to an already remarkable platform. The AI-powered search function simplifies the process of finding relevant, trusted and curated answers. The integrations with Visual Studio Code and Slack provide an opportunity for efficiency and seamless collaboration amongst team members.

Moreover, OverflowAI’s enterprise-centric features are nothing short of transformative for corporations. The ability to create a private, internal knowledge base, with an enhanced search function to find information easy, paves the way for more centralized, organized, and easily accessible information.

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