The Shopware Community Day is nothing short of inspiring and visionary. And it couldn’t be otherwise, especially when experts and leading executives from the entire eCommerce ecosystem come together to network and share insider knowledge. The last event brought more than 6000 participants, entertained by 40 speakers who shared their ideas on 3 live stages. This year, attendees are in for a treat, especially with AI taking center stage, set to showcase how these advances bring unparalleled value to the ecommerce platform and its users.

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The event is eagerly awaited by developers, partner agencies, business owners who utilize the Shopware platform and many eCommerce enthusiasts because, over the course of two days, it will bring together ideas, innovations and discussions on the future of online commerce.

shopware community day

For the Shopware Community, the event is essential as it fosters a collaborative environment where attendees gain insights, network and discover new features and technologies introduced by Shopware, including advancements in AI like the AI Copilot. 

This year’s event will be held in the stunning Landschaftspark in Duisburg, a prime example of how industrial heritage can be repurposed into a vibrant public space.

Spread over two days – May 15 and 16 – and split into the Tech Day and the Commerce Day, the event promises to offer an action-packed programe brimming with ecommerce insights. 

The Shopware Community Day (SCD) events have always been longed for by ecommerce professionals, developers, and enthusiasts. However, this year, the hype is quite high, primarily due to the exciting advancements in new AI technologies and  their integration across the platform.

Additionally, we all know that over the past few years, Shopware has seen a surge in popularity globally. Drawn by its innovative features, scalability, and community support, many developers in particular are actively seeking resources and opportunities to learn how to work with Shopware.

Keynote Speakers and Sessions

As we specified earlier, the event is split in two days. The Tech Day will feature presentations held on two separate stages, one addressed to the general public who wants to learn about the product and one addressed to the Shopware community. 

Mark Stanley, CPTO at Shopware and Daniel Nögel, VP Engineering, will start the event with a look back at the past year and will provide insights into current projects and the vision for the future.

The day will continue with an incursion into Composable Frontends, a new forward-thinking approach that allows developers to create custom storefronts that are decoupled from the backend, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. This architectural shift helps developers to iterate and innovate at a much faster pace without being tied down by backend constraints​.

Later, Marius Strajeru, E-commerce Director at Arnia Software will have a look at the core code of Shopware 6 explaining various Design Patterns that can be used to make your code cleaner and easier to maintain.

The day will continue with a few words from Carmen Bremen, CEO at safefive, talking about her personal experience as a Magento developer when the platform hit the End of Life stage, and the learning curve to adapt to Shopware. Quite an interesting topic for developers who are looking into learning Shopware.

Later in the day, the attendees will be kept interested with talks about app development and how Shopware strives to create positive Developer Experiences, before ending on a high note with a networking session and community games. 

From 6 to late in the night, Shopware fans can dance and mingle at a legendary afterparty.

shopware community day

The second day will start with Sebastian Hamann greeting the guests. Julia Leusing, Product Manager at Shopware will bring an interesting discussion about Building emotional experiences, and the tools that Shopware are working on to create spatial immersive experiences with the help of AI.

Later in the day, Moritz Naczenski, Director Product Discovery at Shopware will present the latest product news. Last year was very productive for the masterminds at Shopware and we are expecting a comprehensive talk about the Shopware AI Copilot, the Subscriptions feature, B2B Components and many other interesting new features.

On the Solutions Stage, Tim Jurchen, Martin Lingens and Matthias Friedmann, Product Managers at Shopware will talk in detail about the new features that are making Shopware a formidable competitor for any complex online retail platform: Shopware Subscriptions, the new solutions for B2B commerce – B2B Components and Digital Sales Rooms – the new way to help merchants customers in an influencer marketing era.

These features are real game-changers. First, Ai Copilot introduces over ten AI-enhanced tools to transform e-commerce operations: AI-generated content for Shopping Experiences, a data export assistant,  AI-based customer segmentation, image keyword assistance, and innovative product review summaries.Two of them really stand out by bringing immense value and placing Shopware to the forefront of modern ecommerce: personalized checkout messages and search by context.

Second, B2B Components mark a significant evolution in B2B ecommerce by offering modular features tailored to the specific needs of the B2B sector.

So, it’s no wonder that these talks will be much anticipated.

With Shopware’s growing popularity in Europe and beyond, learning it will allow developers to apply their skills in a new context, while also gaining exposure to Shopware’s unique approach to eCommerce solutions, including its powerful plugin system and advanced storefront capabilities. 

The many networking opportunities during the two-day event give developers the possibility to share the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that can arise if they want to transition from another platform to Shopware 6.

The last presentation coming from Sander Mangel, Solutions Architect at Shopware, will discuss the highly-acclaimed no-code tools that make Shopware a powerful and cost-effective solution for modern eCommerce. Since their launch, the Flow Builder and Rule Builder have been enabling teams to deploy features like Pickup in Store, invoice reminders, and personalized campaigns swiftly, without developers involved. Definitely a topic that will raise plenty of interest from merchants aiming to optimize costs without sacrificing innovation.

Having only been announced, the Shopware Community Day 2024 promises two days of insightful sessions and unparalleled networking opportunities. This event wants to bring together the diverse Shopware community to share knowledge, learn about the latest ecommerce trends, explore new features and technologies introduced by Shopware and have some good fun along the way.

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